Throughout rule.Each had different views on how to

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Throughout history, dynasties, or a series of rulers who belong to the same family, have come and gone. No two are exactly alike.They all have similarities and differences when compared to each other.The Stuart and Tudor dynasties are no exception to the rule.Each had different views on how to rule.

An example of a ruling style would be divine right.When a king or queen is said to rule by divine right, it means they believe god chose them to rule.While Elizabeth, the last and the greatest Tudor monarch, ruled somewhat by divine right, she did not rule by divine right to the extent of James I of the Stuart dynasty who felt that it was beneath his dignity to bargain with parliament over money.Instead, Elizabeth used her intelligence to get her way or for her countries financial benefit.

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For example, she used the hopes of a marriage to Phillip II of Spain to win diplomatic advantages with many European countries.Ruling by divine right was common of the Stuart dynasty but only Elizabeth of the Tudor family ruled in that manner. Henry VII tried desperately to have a son.He wanted to have a male heir in order to help assure that the Tudor family would continue to control the throne and prevent any fighting over who would succeed him.

Six wives later, he had one son, but he died at age 15.Having male heirs was something the Tudor family was not to good at.Henry's daughters, Mary and Elizabeth both died childless.Charles I took over the throne from his father, James I, and then had two sons of his own to continue the Stuart dynasty. The dynasties are similar in that both mostly ruled England.In addition to ruling England, James I ruled Scotland also.His heir to the throne, Charles I not only ruled England and Scotland, but also ruled Ireland.

While the Tudor dynasty did not have many problems with parliament, the Stuart dynasty did not cooperate well with parliament at all. James I had many quarrel…


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