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The Northern Colony is consisted of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut. The people who lived in Massachusetts's colony were Native Americans and Puritans just like in New Hampshire.

The people who lived in the Rhode Island colony were Native Americans, aristocratic families and African American Slaves. The people from Connecticut colony were Native Americans, white Europeans, Dutch and Swedish settlers. The latter 1600's had cultural diversity but there was more in the early 1700's. In the late 1600's the Northern Colony region was trying to be more independent. Since they had so many different races and cultures they were able to get different point of views on situations helping them become more independent from England. But in the late 1600's Charles all became King.

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He took an aggressive hand in the management of the colonies affecting their independence. For example the King had control over who gets a charter and whom he can take one away from. In 1686 the Dominion of the New England made Navigational Laws. The fact that England was trying to control the Northern Colonies caused the Glorious Revolution.

Which caused the Dominion of New England to crash down. Which led to the colonist to be more independent.Since the colonist were trying to become more independent many different cultures developed causing people to live different lifestyles.

This caused the Salem Witch trials.Also since people thought they were freer in the Northern Colonies Church was not that important anymore. In the early 1700's the Northern Colony there was a mingling of races. Even though there was mostly English people but they were mottled with numerous foreign groups. They had Germans, Scottish and Irish and many more. Also during this time there was a lot more mixes of races like Scot-Irish. There was also multicolored colonial population consisted of other European groups.

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