What political expectations for self-government and individual liberty

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What were the worldwide effects on the political expectations for self-government and individual liberty after the American Revolution and the Glorious Revolution?I believe that the American Revolution was not a fair war because the British had a huge advantage.The British had a bigger and better army, while the Americans had almost nothing.The Americans were inexperienced and were mainly comprised of farmers fighting for independence.Even though the Americans had some soldiers willing to fight, the Americans were unable to pay the soldiers enough money to fight a war and they did not have enough food, supplies, guns, ammunition, and war ships. I believe that the Glorious Revolution ended up the way that it did because the people did not like James II and did not agree with the things that he wanted to do while in power.The Glorious Revolution was fought while James II was king because he made some decisions that the people did not like.

One reason why England did not like James II was because he wanted to convert the religious beliefs of the thoroughly Protestant England to a Catholic religion.The people did not agree to many of his ideas.Even though James was able to create a very strong army, he was not able to conquer other lands and gain the respect of his men.While they were at war his army abandoned James II to fight for other sides.After James was left by his men, Parliament claimed that he had abandoned his country and went into exile in France.

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On February 6, 1689, James II was succeeded by William of Orange as the new King and his wife, Mary, James II's daughter, became Queen of England. A few months later, James II decided that he wanted to come back to England to try and regain the throne, but failed along with his son and grandson who also tried to assume their line for the throne. Now the American Revolution was a war whose main purpose was for the Americans to escape from England&ap..



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