Sigmund Freud wished to see a civilization

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Sigmund Freud, an Austrian physician, and Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher, were two important men who played roles in defining human nature.

Freud and Hobbes labeled the sum of qualities and traits shared by all people. Freud had revolutionary ideas on how the human mind works and Freud’s theories have brought new advances in child education, education, and sociology. Most people in Western society view human behavior at least in Freudian terms. However, Hobbes was more concerned with a political theory. He denied that people are naturally social beings. Nonetheless, Hobbes;s and Freud;s ideas compare and contrast in many ways. Hobbes argued instead that people’s most basic motives are selfish.

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People, he concluded, are selfish. They are moved mainly by desire for power and by fear of others. So without an all-powerful ruler to rule them, their lives would be hellish. Hobbes believed the government was created to protect people form their own selfishness and evil.

He believed that there was a constant competition between people and that people cannot be trusted. He asked essential and challenging questions about the relationship between science and religion and the nature and limitations of political power. To Freud, human beings were sexual creates from birth to adulthood. He saw the personalities of human beings as being determined by limited physical and mental forces in a limited world. He was hostile to religion and spoke of it as an illusion.

Freud wished to see a civilization full of kind people. Freud divided the mind into three parts the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is the source of such instincts such as desire for sexual pleasure. The ego resolves conflicts between instincts and external reality. The superego is a person’s conscience. All people have some conflict among the three parts of the mind, but certain people have more conflict than others.

Freud observed that many patients behaved ac…


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