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The Community and the Individual Need Each Other Times have certainly changed many things.

Since the turn of this century, the trend of ignoring the moral voice has grown through popular culture and diminishing family values among a multitude of other social issues.Because people tend to dictate their lives based upon societies' values– rather than their own guiding moral voice– they are more cynical, distant, and primarily interested with themselves.Amitai Etzioni points out in his essay, "Morality as a Community Affair", that the community needs to exemplify and enforce a moral order of shared values. Similarly, in "Multiculturalism and Individualism", Michael Walzer emphasizes a need for individual responsibility attained and strengthened by community association through one another.The individualistic attitude of today's "gotta have it" society silences the inner moral voice inside of all of us.With a commonality of shared values, from a physiological perspective, people will be forced to listen to their own c! onsciences more often resulting in the recognition of their inner moral voices that guide them in an altruistic direction. Hence, the community should dictate a moral order within itself.

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Individualists see little need for community involvement.It is their personal freedom and a right as well to avoid associational activities and such.Individualism defenders contend that they have the right to live independently and free of their communities.

To be colloquial with the parlor of our times, the "do your own thing" approach has been the cornerstone of individualism advocates for years.By the same token, individualism is a selfish practice, and contributes to isolationism.Community involvement will only strengthen the human race in a benevolent manner.

"Communities speak to us in moral voices. They lay claims on their members. Indeed, they are …


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