Government in Sparta, as was allowed to

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Government and Military, It could have been more. Societies have developed a pattern over the centuries of creating a government system of communism.Choosing this selection of government has allowed military machines to be born and reflect the civilization that created them.Nowhere in history is this more evident than in the Greek city-state of Sparta.The entire lifestyle that revolved around the state of communism had the goal of creating the ultimate military machine.

Sparta's government system contributed greatly to the strength of Sparta's army, the sheer power of which is best demonstrated during the Persian War.The great flaws of Sparta's society was that they chose their state of communism which resulted in their great power to impose their will on the rest of Greece, nor did they allow a strong culture to take root in Sparta, as was allowed to happen in Athens. The entire social system of Sparta was designed to spin on an axis of communism and to create a race of warriors.Merriam-Webster's dictionary states that communism is "a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls the state"(Webster's 228). In order to run her communist state, Sparta controlled the lives of her people at an early age.

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This can be found in Edward Tannenbaum's A History of World Civilizations, "the lives of Sparta's citizens were tended and guided from cradle to grave, always for the purpose of creating strong, courageous, highly disciplined soldiers"(Tannenbaum 112). Tannenbaum clearly reinforces the history that Spartans experienced communism in their daily lives.Also,A.H.M Jones writes, "Each infant was examined shortly after birth by the elders of the tribesmen who either passed it or if it was weakly or deformed, ordered it to be thrown over a special cliff"(Jones 34).

This horrendous ancient history of throwing "sick&qu…


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