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The Communist Manifesto is regarded by historians as one of the most politically influential and controversial documents of all times.The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848 upon request by the Communist League as a means for the communist people to be recognized.It called for a revolution of the people of the working class, the Proletarians, to overthrow the upper class, the Bourgeois, conquering capitalism and ultimately resulting in a classless society. Marx and Engels introduced the idea of "class conflict" in the opening paragraphs of the Manifesto.

This idea stated that the social order of society was divided into classes which were based on the interests and needs of the economy.Marx and Engels provided historical examples of class conflict referring back to freeman and slave, lord and serf, guild master and journeyman, and proclaimed that the class struggle of oppressor and oppressed always ended in either a revolutionary reconstruction of society, or both classes beingdestroyed equally. Marx and Engels claimed that the role the state played in class conflict was to provide a means for managing the affairs of the upper class.

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They pointed out that modern society was similar to feudal society because the governments of both were made up of the upper class.They also stated that the two classes were moving further apart as the economy continued to expand its market for goods. The Manifesto stated that the condition of the working class under capitalism was deteriorating.The development of factories, with steam driven machinery and mass production, during the industrial revolution allowed factory owners to become wealthier.

The condition of the working class diminished to the point that they were treated as instruments of labor. Workers were paid as little as possible, usually only enough to sustain themselves. Workers were treated as ..



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