Communism Engels stress that communism is achievable

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Communism may be looked upon as a form of utopia. However, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels stress that communism is achievable in The Communist Manifesto. The entire manuscript is dedicated to reaching communism.

Marx and Engels discuss why it is necessary and identifies the problems inhibiting its instatement. They also discuss why the beginnings of communism have failed in the past. Marx and Engels believe that communism is the highest form social development and they present its many benefits. Marx and Engels begin by recognizing the many social classes that have existed throughout history. However, they believe that class society will continue to break down into the two main classes of bourgeoisie and proletariat. These two groups formed from industrialization.

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The bourgeoisie produce while they poorly pay the proletariat to actually manufacture by using physical labor. Marx and Engels emphasize that there is a growing problem with the bourgeoisie's power over the proletariat. First, the bourgeoisie must continue to expand to maintain its power and wealth. The necessary expansion results in overproduction and the need to find more resources for production.

The bourgeoisie's answer is to utilize the working proletariats. The advancement of the bourgeoisie worsens conditions for the proletariats. The proletariats are paid just enough to survive and continue to support the bourgeoisie. Secondly, if the bourgeoisie must continually improve, so must the proletariats. The bourgeoisie educate the proletariats in order to improve their output. As the proletariats increase in number and knowledge, they realize their working conditions and wages are poor and they recognize their growth will allow the overtaking of the bourgeoisie.

Eventually, it is expected that the proletariats will revolt against the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie create their own ruin. Marx and Engels propose communism as the answer to the proletariats' …


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