Karl solution.I am a strong believer in his

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Karl Marx is living in a world he is not happy with, and seems to think that he has the perfect solution.I am a strong believer in his ideas.We are living in a time period with a huge class struggle.The Bourgroise exploits and the proletariat are being exploited.Marx did not like the way this society was and searched for a solution.Marx looked for "universal laws of human behavior that would explain and predict the future course of events” (36).He saw an unavoidable growth and change in society, coming not from the difference in opinions, but in the huge difference of opposing classes.

He speaks of his ideal society and how he is going to bring about this utopia in his book The Communist Manifesto.I am going to share with you more on his ideas of this "world-wide revolution" (36) that would put an end to social classes and allow people to live with equal sharing which would result in a harmonious and much peaceful world. As a member of Marx' ideal society I believe that many things will need to be changed, but it will definitely be for the best. Socially we will be in a classless society.This will be a huge change for all people since we have been associated with a certain class since we were born.The people may now get jobs not because of their family background or history, but for their individual talents and abilities. This will enable us to make better and faster products as well as open up many more opportunities, one would not have had before.

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As one big group, everyone will be looked on as equal and will be expected to contribute not for their well being,but for the well being of all. Everyone will does their own and equal part.Since we are to come together as one, it will be hard to preserve our individuality. Because it causes hierarchy, there will also be no real family life.

When a child is born, he or she is born into the society as a whole….


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