Given nobility was considered to be a very

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Given the times that it is 1848 there were a lot of revolutionary ideas that came upon the society due to events that happened years past. The European towns were not trusting in the power of the feudal and the nobility was considered to be a very abusive part of society. Interests that only served for the improvement of the elite class was unfair. The towns meeting that we are in discussed the several levels of the communist ideal. It sounds like a good proposal for a new era of government and improvement.

The Idea of socialism is indeed revolutionary. To think that I, a blue collar worker will be abel to provide my family with all the basic needs of the time makes me think that I am going in the right direction. Every one will receive equal treatment and it will not matter the level in society you are in, I will treat you as my equal and we will share. The idea of a society that is aiming at the same goals with moral values that is stronger than the greed in every human. This makes sense.

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The goals will be to take my country into a progressive nation as a whole and not as an individual in this country that produces more or less than my peer. Everything will have a balance. The nineteenth century is the turning point of humanity. We will defeat the burgoise that pushes us down to the level where our ways, ideas and desires are not even to worry of or heard of.

People will have the needs that has ever since been denied from the existence of a top class in society. The oppressor have greed over human and moral values and would exchange these for the mere gain and growth of their greed; money, capital, property, power. There is only one life to live and the next one will only be better for our children. Lets make the nation progress and lets be proud of it.

Nowadays, the power of the idea of Marxism has been diminished. The drive that the …


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