A a solid economy, is doing so poorly.

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A sudden change in Fidel Castro's heart opened a whole new ball game for the economy. He decided to let trade run free between Cuba and the United States.

Being a businessman, I quickly jumped on the opportunity. I decided to open up a sporting goods store, which would sell more baseball products than any other article. I purchased land and built a building on it to run my store. I then went out and hired employees, whom were extremely easy to come across, they actually came to me; I didn't have to look for them! I also ordered products from my suppliers in the United States. Business was blooming, I was selling so much products and making all kinds of money. Unfortunately, Castro had changed his mind. He abandoned his recently new decision for free trade. He would not let anything imported or exported, and travel between the countries was abolished.

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Cuba had turned again, to strictly communism. This would destroy all hopes I had for my business to prosper. Now, I would not be able to get the proper products I need to sell in my store, I could only hope that few farmers could make homemade shirts of decent quality.

Also, the Castro government confiscated a vast majority of my profits. He does not care for the general wealth of the people, only for him and his government. He makes all the decisions, what to sell, how to sell, when and where to sell it. All of his decisions aren't good ones either, from a business standpoint. Castro's practice is the reason for Cuba, and country that could have a solid economy, is doing so poorly. The people do not want to work hard because He will just take all of their earning away. Many people only work for themselves, growing their own crops to eat, without any trading or selling.

They trade when they want another persons good, for example: some crops in exchange for clothes. Opening a business in a communist country is next to impossible. …


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