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Life in Russia has always been different from what most of us know in the U.S. Life under monarchy in Russia had its ups and downs. It was ruled by a tsar, up until the Russian Revolution, when the government turned from monarchism to communism. With this new was of life the very existence of the Russian people changed.

Soon after the fall of communism, life in Russia has been different. The effect of communism on the Russian people after the Russian Revolution has greatly impacted their lives. With the control of Tsar Nicholas II the Russian people faced food shortages and political scandals. During the time leading up to the revolution, a man by the name of Rasputin convinced Tsar Nicholas II to replace parliament officials. These changes where just a few of the reasons many Russians hated the tsar as well as Rasputin. On March 8, 1917 a severe food shortage caused rioting in Russia. The crowds demanded food and the removal of Tsar Romanov.

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When the police were called in to break up the crowds, they refused to fire their weapons and joined in the rioting. The aggravated tsar responded by abdicating, ending the 300-year-old Romanov dynasty. Soon after, the Russian royal family was taken hostage. They were kept in a special "jail house" up until there execution, which was believed to be ordered by Vladimir Ilynch Lenin. With the government in shambles a provisional government was set up but Lenin and the Bolshevik Party soon overthrew it. Vladimir Ilynch Lenin, the new leader, changed the government to communism. Communism had now taken its roll on one of the largest countries in the world, at that time.

He only controlled a small area of land that ran from Petrograd to Moscow. Most people, the Whites, hated this new leader and his followers, known as the Reds. The upriseal of the hatred between both groups caused a civil war to break out. Communism, under Lenin, brought a new way of life to the people.

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