The Europe through the years 1948 to 1951.Also

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The US was faced with many questions concerning Europe in the years following World War II.The US had the unenvied task of deciding whether to stay out of European affairs or become involved.The United States ultimately decided to become involved in the reconstruction of Europe.In doing this the United States had two main goals in what they wanted to do in Europe.First being the restoration of the European economy following the war.Secondly the US was looking to stop the spread of communism throughout Europe and Asia.

The United States was justified in following through with these ideals because without the help of the US Europe would have turned to shambles. Following World War II Europe's economy was torn apart and it was in need of recovery in some way.Help from the US boosted Europe's economy back to normalcy.The Marshall Plan was a main reason for the speedy recovery of the economy.

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Through the Marshall Plan there was a new form of business in Europe known as the mixed economy.This was the restoration of price freedom and exchange rate stability.The aid from the Marshall plan allowed Europe to carry out their intentions for a better economy.The US had contributed $13.2 billion to Europe through the years 1948 to 1951.Also by stabilizing Europe's economy the US was ensuring that some of the wartime jobs created to get the U.

S. out of the Great Depression would stay around, since the jobs would go towards helping rebuild Europe.Without the help of the Marshall Plan Europe's economy might have turned out to follow the pattern of overregulation and economic stagnation which plagued Argentina.Or Europe could've ended up in economic struggle with episodes of inflation and deflation which had occurred after World War I.

But with the help of the United States Europe's economy had been stabilized after the war. The United States was strongly concerned with the fact that t…


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