communist of hardship or crisis.Also, strong revolutionary

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communist government.Communism depends on all members of society to work together to achieve one common goal.Because of this, communism tends to be more successful in societies that are small and homogeneous.Party leaders are able to control smaller groups of people with a common background without resorting to tactics of human rights violations to maintain power.Large or geographically diverse populations tend to be diverse, making it difficult to maintain a common goals or set of rules for shared effort and resources.

Also, large, diversified societies tend to gravitate towards a system of hierarchy, reducing the perception of fair distribution of work and resources.Systems of hierarchy show sign of class distinction in an otherwise classless society.When a system of hierarchy develops, it tends to destabilize a communistic society.

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The other factor that influences the success of a communist government is the presence of a strong communist revolutionary leader.Communist systems tend to flourish in the presence of a revolutionary leader.The people have a strong leader in which to rally around during times of hardship or crisis.Also, strong revolutionary leaders are known to take great measures to ensure that the spirit of the revolution lives on.Some of these measures include the use of brutal tactics to defeat groups opposed to the communist rule.

Some people tend to underestimate this factor when accounting for the success of failure of communist systems.This factor does not only apply to communist government but all revolutionary governments.After the American Revolution, our leaders were concerned about whether or not the country would survive after the fire of the revolution died out. Communism in Russia was mainly the cause of V.

I. Lenin.After studying the theories of Karl Marx, Lenin created the party known as the Bolsheviks.

He was known as a hardliner and relentless at seizing power …


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