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Thomas Paine's pamphlet Common Sense is considered the driving force for revolution and freedom.

Paine provides many arguments within the pamphlet that helped America strive for independence. More precisely he makes several points on government as a necessary evil, why we should break free from Britains rule, and how American revolution would eventually occur anyway. Paine begins by explaining that unfortunately we need government to control our society. He insisted that "Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil [.

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..]" (65). Basically he is saying that society is something we wish to achieve, something in which we desire. Where as government is only created to "restrain our vices". If all of society acted morally then we would not need government, but because all people are flawed we need it for protection against ourselves.

Thus necessity like gravitating power would soon form our newly arrived emigrants into society Now that we understand government as a necessary evil, he makes his argument on why America should break free from Britains rule. Paine boldly asks and states"Why is it that we hesitate? From Britain we can expect nothing but ruin. If she is admitted to the government of America again, this continent will not be worth living in.

" (106). Paine is simply asking the colonists why they are not fighting for freedom. Finally, Paine tells the colonists that if they don't act now and break free from the british rule, a revolution will eventually occur. Thanks to Thomas Paine we were able to see how life would be for us when we controlled our own destiny. He showed us through his writing that even though government is a necessity, we don't need the British government, and we should fight for independence now rather than later. Paine not only argued in his pamphlet but inspired m.



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