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Now let's start back in the early days when the colonists were able to hold fast to their heritage of rights because the King just assumed that the colonies were not subject to parliamentary control.

Further for, for years to come all the kings of England were too preoccupied with their struggle with England itself, who was struggling and this ended up turning in to the Puritan Revolution.Before Parliament could bring its attention to the task of molding them to an imperial system, the colonies had pulled together a strong and efficient way of their own. This would help lead them to independence; the strong unity is always the greatest tool in fighting for a common goal. From thefirst year after they set foot upon the new continent, the colonists functioned according to the English law and constitution, with legislative assemblies, a representative system of government, and recognition of the common-laws that made them still at heart Englishmen, but in reality they were now colonists. But, legislation made them American in point of view and ever less attention was paid to the English. Colonial freedom from the effective English control was not, however achieved without conflict.

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Now through out time and when each year passes and each cold winter barley seems warm enough, the colonists prosper with some loss, butwith out much English help. Although this question could be answered for either side I wouldfirst state that, I think that the Americans were very justified in their decision to fight for independence, because of this it has now made us the best country in the entire world.Yes, at the time it may not have seemed like the correct and best thing to do, but according to Thomas Payne “The king breathes revenge, and threatens us with destruction; America must raise an empire of permanent duration, supported upon the grand pillars of truth, freedom, and religion.”This right here is the back bone of our country.



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