Thomas Britain.His pamphlet was to inspire the

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Thomas Paine anonymously published Common Sense as an argument for American Independence.He begins the pamphlet with a general reflection on government and religion and quickly moves toward the colonial viewpoint.Paine expresses his view on society and government.Society is everything constructive and good that people join together to accomplish.Government is a necessary evil that was established to protect people from their own vices.According to Paine if all people acted morally, government would not be necessary, but since people are imperfect, government is necessary to protect life and liberty. Paine's main purpose in writing the pamphlet was to argue that the colonies should focus on seeking their full independence from Britain.

His pamphlet was to inspire the colonists to turn against Britain and decide to engage in battle over their freedom.Paine continues through the pamphlet hitting on the themes of the inevitability of American Independence, British oppression, America's relationship with the rest of Europe, and the problems with the monarchy. One of Paine's main arguments is that America will eventually become independent of Britain.Regardless of how hard Britain tries to hold on to the colonies the pressure and mismanaged government will cause a large separation.

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Paine continues to expand on the notion in order to convince the colonists that the break will inevitably occur, building upon the case for a full rebellion.This is a fact that is hard for the colonists to fathom.In the eyes of the colonists Britain is the world's largest empire, making the idea of war inconceivable.To demonstrate the idea that America is not too small to take on the mighty British, Paine argues the issue of naval power.

Through his calculations he shows that America could rival the British navy.Paine goes through all the details and calculations explaining how they would fund their navy.The…


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