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The Common peasants of the Middle Ages had a rough and tedious life, many peasants were separated from their family among them included: sons, daughters, and wives as well as many peasants suffered from severe illnesses from disease they could not treat because they did not have the money nor the status to afford or see a doctor. Throughout the Middle Ages the peasants lived a rough life. Just the term “peasants” had the status of meaning to be under all the other classes; These were the lowest class of people someone could be. The peasants always worked for the higher class like the King and Queen. That was not the worst part of being a peasant. They rarely were around their family because usually the family is split up into different parts. You can’t hardly have a women working the fields or the children hunting for the meat; that would bring down the production and efficiency.

The Common peasants of the Middle Ages had a very tedious life. Many peasants suffered diseases and none had the money or the status to afford or see a doctor. They had little or no reason to live since they were always working for the higher The peasants had no real power nor authority in any matter. During times of war they could be called upon to do battle and if they refused, they would be killed. The peasants were forced to live in small crude huts and they had rough straw mats to sleep on. Their daily consumed dietary supplement included black bread, eggs, poultry, and vegetables; though the meat was rarely eaten since they did not have the money to buy it.

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They could not live off of the land and hunt the animals because it was illegal; hunting on the Lords land was a very strict rule and no peasant could impose on the Lord’s game. The Lords were the overseers of the peasants and …


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