Some silence is an extremely powerful form of

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Some might consider silence to be a lack of communication. I believe, however, that silence is an extremely powerful form of communication. What can not be expressed in words with speech can always be shown through body language and looks.

In ;Silent Men;, Yvars and his coworkers have realized just that. They have realized that it does not matter how much they scream, fight or strike. No one will listen or even understand their words; but when they fall silent, their;words; are finally brought to meaning.

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The men are not afraid their words will destroy, nor do they think their words are not worthy enough to be spoken. They do, however, use their silence as power to be;heard; and understood. Yvars, along with every other man, is holding on to his pride with silence.

Even when he wishes he spoke to Ballester about the sick child, he does not. He holds his pride as do the rest of the men. Instead of speaking, Yvars is able to show his feelings of ;sorrow and a sort of obstinacy; (81). Their silence is even held by other feelings beside pride. The men feel anger as well as helplessness that ;sometimes hurt[s] so much that you can;t even cry out; (78).

Instead of sulking and screaming out their feelings, they choose to hold their own and stay reserved. I would consider this to be a very;manly; thing to do, which is something most of these men value. Obviously the workers reason for silence boils down to what they want from the boss. The battle, therefore, is with the boss only.

With their hammers and saws they communicate very well to the boss what they want. When the men used words, the boss never fully understood what they needed and what the meant; but with silence and the action of them using their tools, it is better and more efficient than words. The correlation between action and speech is that they make an extraordinary power force. The silent men use that ..



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