September 11, 2001 is an unforgettable day, forever

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September 11, 2001 is an unforgettable day, forever etched in the minds of people around the world.The effect was so extreme, that the whole nation, our community, my family, and myself, personally, have been greatly impacted. As for the whole country, the economic was down terrible.Businesses in America are like a train.

When one car is off the track or fails, the whole train would have an accident.For example, after September 11, 2001, people are nervous while they are traveling on airplanes.Because of that, people tend to travel less.Tourist attractions have lost their profits heavily, especially here in the Sunshine State.

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In our state, nearly a majority of our businesses depend significantly on tourism.To name just a few, Busch Gardens, Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, are all indirect victims of September 11.The damage has not stopped at attractions.Uncountable numbers of businesses go bankrupt or they cut down a significant number of their employees.So, in general, everybody is affected by the events of September 11 either indirectly through businesses, or directly through their relatives and friends, who were victims of the tragedy. Secondly, many communities are not living the way they used to.They have to live in the fear of terrorist attacks.

For example, they have high alert for anthrax in the mail.In many airports, the process to board the planes is more difficult than ever.Airport security workers have to search and look for any possible signs of terrorists.However, in order to do the work, they are invading our time and privacy, which are the most valuable things in our life.That is one reason for travelers not to travel by airplane, along with the possibility of plane crashes.Everybody knows that the extensive security precautions are not fair to good people, but what else can we do to save the innocent people?The government already takes action to protect citizens as .



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