Commemorating Martin Luther King and Sojourner Truth.

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Commemorating Black History Month During the past, African Americans have suffered injustice and discrimination due to their race.

Some of the most prominent figures during our history are DIana Ross, Sojourner Truth, Mary Mcleod Bethune, Alice Walker, Langston Hughes, and Martin Luther King. They have fought against prejudice and opened up doors for others. Some stirred the beginnings of freedom and equal rights for all. They were all very important figures in American History. They are a part of the people who formed this nation to be what it is today. I specifically chosepeople like Mary Mcleod Bethune, Alice Walker, And Langston Hughes because of their contribution to our society.Mary Mcleod Bethune Mary McLeod Bethune, born to former slaves a decade after the end of the Civil War, devoted her life to ensuring the right to education and freedom from discrimination for black Americans. Bethune believed that through education, blacks could begin to earn a living in a country that still opposed racial equality.

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She started her own school and continuously fought segration where she saw it. More than that she served presidents from Coolidge to Roosevelt as a Advisor of Minority Affairs. She succeeded politically as well as in her own community, she endlessly worked in what she believed in . Alice Walker and Langston Hughes are not only the best african American writers but they are the best writer this nation has produced. They have touched people spiritually and mentally through their writings. And also participated in Civil Rights movements of their time.

They were one of the very few Black writer of their time and paved the way for others. Other eminent African American Figures figures in History are Diana Ross, Martin Luther King and Sojourner Truth. Diana Ross is one of the most successful African Americans and has contributed a great deal. She paved the way for other African Americans and women in the music industr..



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