The people like Steve to travel and teach

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The Comedy Club was a presentation by Steve Kent in which it dealt with comedy as a mean of medicine. He called it the medicine of the soul.Researches suggest that comedy raises the immune's level of T cells. This in its self is a scientific phenomenon in which research is being gathered to try to explain why this is taken place physiologically. During his presentation, Steve talks about the power of humor in which he states it both gets you into trouble and out of trouble.

For example, when someone falls to the ground they often use humor to avoid as much embarrassment as possible. It is in a sense your body's protection tool from emotion. He also dealt with the use of humor to lighten the seriousness of situations. Studies support that people who laugh a lot while diagnosed with a terminal illness, they are more likely to live longer then people who laugh less (personal I have no idea how this was researched). I feel that humor is of great importance.

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If the world was without humor, I think that it would be an unbearable place to live in. The problem is that not everyone has as much to laugh at. That is why it is important for people like Steve to travel and teach people what comedy is all about (of course he does this in a humorous way). During his performance, he used the audience as his props and his story line.

This was one way which he got the audience involved and demonstrated the meaning of improv. He was incredibly funny and he did achieve is directive by doing two things: 1. Teaching us about the effect that humor has; 2. He made us laugh. I would recommend Steve's seminar on humor to anyone interested in learning more about the nature of the body and the delighting of the soul..



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