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The Comanche were brave warriors who traveled from place to place.They wereclever traders who wore fancy clothes.The Comanche went from moving from place to place toliving in poverty on reservations.

They are doing better now.The Comanche culture is an important part ofTexas.The Comanche lived in the southern plains north of Nebraska through Texas into northern Mexico.

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They traveled to the panhandle of Texas and into New Mexico. Lubbock is located where the old Comanche territory was.In the 1700’s the Comanche moved from northern Colorado down to where Kerrville and Austin Texas are now.Now almost 60% live on a reservation near Lawton, Oklahoma.Some are spread out all over the United States.

The Comanche were hunters, gatherers and nomads.This means they traveled a lot for food.When the Comanche started moving south they moved in groups called bands.One band was called Penateka meaning honey eater.They moved because there was not enough food in the harsh winters of the North.They moved south and hunted buffalo and elk.They lived in tee-pees so they could move easily.

They might cover hundreds of miles in one year.The Comanche used a travois to help them move.A travois is a frame made of two poles from a tee-pee.Before the Comanche had horses to pull the travois they would use a dog.They made things out of skins and woven grassso they would not break when they traveled. The men fought and hunted the women gathered food.

They are called nomadic hunter gatherers, because they got food by moving, hunting and gathering.The Comanche were clever traders.They had trading fairs in Taos and Santa Fe.They traded in organized groups.They would dress well.They wore many silver conchos, leather boots, andEuropean clothes.They had money.

The leader of the group could speak many languages.They would trade or sell things they had stolen.They sold ..



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