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There was a man by the name of Christopher Columbus, who went down in history for starting the discovery of a new world.

He had no plans for finding this new land. His goal was to find a quicker way to Asia for trade in which he would make pureprofit. (Armento 17)Did this man live up to his reputation?Was he a man honorable enough to go down into history for finding a new land and starting a new era of exploration? Christopher Columbus had great success, but also many failures. He was most successful as an explorer. He was probably the best navigator this world has ever seen. He navigated without modern instruments and no real substantial maps to know where he was going.

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(Marshall 53) Columbus was mocked and made fun of. People said he would die trying to find a quicker way to Asia.To finance his trip, he went to three world powers. They all declined, but he finally persuaded Spain to finance his voyage.

(Davis 4) Columbus triumphed over the allegations and mocking, and sailed out to find power, glory, and gold. Despite his successes, he had his failures. When put up to the task of being the governor of this new land, he failed miserably. (Marshall 53)Columbus made all the wrong decisions.

The people he appointed to be the overseers were cruel and tortured the Indians. Columbus had no idea what was happening. He was on his boat looking for other islands. On his third voyage, Columbus was arrested for his appointed governors' mistakes. (Teacher hand out.) In Columbus time, many people thought that the world was flat. (Armento 17) People thought that when one arrived at the edge of the world there were monsters that would eat them.

What Columbus and other educated people knew was that the world was actually round. Columbus knew that it was possible to sail around the world without falling off the edge. The reason Columbus was not turned down by Spain, was because Spain was expanding and wanted more power.

Spain …


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