Discrimination of emancipation at the end of

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Discrimination and exclusion have been a part of our country for as many years as America is old.Gender has certainly played an enormous role in the history of discrimination, as have many different races.While a case can be made for women being discriminated against and excluded, there is no single group that has contributed to the histories of discrimination more than African Americans.If one is forced to compare, there is no comparison.Lives can not be compared with hardship.A simple solution to this argument could be found by adding the number of African American lives lost in relation to racism.

The history of the modern world would not be complete without the story of the African American struggle for freedom in America. African Americans have been dealing with, and fighting against racism for many centuries."From the earliest moments after the arrival of the Europeans at the turn of the sixteenth century until the achievement of emancipation at the end of the nineteenth century (and even after this in some cases), enslaved Africans and indigenous people who faced enslavement, removal, and confinement in many combinations staged armed revolts" Winant, P.64).The main reason for these revolts was not for the right to be free, but for the right to have family.Slave trading was breaking up families at alarming rates.After revolting for centuries, slaves were finally offered freedom."In a pattern to be repeated throughout the Americas, many states allowed blacks, including escaped slaves, to fight in their regiments during the war, granting them freedom in return for military service"(Winant, P.

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67).African Americans were forced to join forces with the enemy.The very institution that held them captive was now forcing them to fight on what was to them, the enemy's side, but this would in no way turn out to be the end of hardship. It is hard to imagine a period of time that could..



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