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By 1763, the colonies had taken many steps into becoming a more independent New England, joining together to fight against England. Locke had introduced a new way of thinking, the Great Awakening happened, then the Enlightment and a lot of changes in the economy and politics. New England gradually became more liberated. John Locke was against England's religious belief that babies were born with fate.

He argued that humans had rights to life, liberty, and property. This kind of thinking wasn't really approved of, but Locke's thought spread through the colonies. It helped people realize what control England had over them.

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The Great Awakening had a huge impact on the colonies. It shattered churches which led to the bigger religious diversity of the colonies. In England, there wasn't religious diversity, but now, in New England it was spreading as well as education. The Ivy League schools were developing and any kind of men were able to attend them, unlike in England where you had to be a certain religion. British mercantilism was still in progress by the Navigation Acts, but smuggling occurred often. New England was getting tired of England getting all the profits from everything.

Then, the Paxton Boys had a revolt because they believed that they were poorly represented in the provincial government. This revolt ended the political stability of the British colonies. It shows that the people of the British colonies were starting and already had been thinking for themselves and were starting to act on it more then they had been. The people of the colonies were starting to join together and rebel against England. They had their own governments, thoughts, and religions in the colonies that England didn't have as shown in this essay. The colonies had a gradual rise to being their own country more then being controlled by another power, such as the British.


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