Colonization after, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was established

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Colonization was dangerous, risky, and expensive for anyone who attempted it. Queen Elizabeth's "sea dogs" landed at Roanoke, but it is considered a lost colony.

England's second attempt was in 1607 when Jamestown, Virginia was founded. Jamestown was considered thefirst permanent English colony in America. The English were in search of gold. They wanted to get rich quick and return to England to be admired. They were totally unprepared for the new world. The English landed in a terrible location which consisted mostly of marsh and swamp where it was hard to live.

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They lived in small tents or huts that they made out of logs, branches, bushes and anything else they could use for shelter. Food was very scarce and two thirds of the population died in thefirst year primarily because of disease and starvation. Immigrants continued to cometo the colonies hoping to make money from tobacco.

They were in search of land, labor and wealth that would help them rise in the seventeenth century. They were mostly concerned about themselves. They were a weak colony andwould have failed if a single ship had not returned once a year with more people and supplies.

People back in England soon gave up on England and separated from the church. The New World offered them the freedom the worship as they wished. Plymouth colony was established by the Pilgrims, and was one of the many New England colonies. Land was acquired from the Virginia Company. They used the mayflower compact as a type of government. This colony had a thanksgiving with the Indians in 1621. Soon after, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was established and was much larger than Plymouth. Religion dominated the community.

Many of the people left England to find religious freedom, but there were those who were no different than the English who were worried about themselves and not so much about God. Overt time the colony becomes less religious and more e…


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