Do something happens to them, and something

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Do you ever wonder why some countries are poor; and why is the U.

S so rich? Most Civics and History classes throughout our life as students have taught us about third-world countries. They give the explanation of why these countries are poor by saying, "third-world countries have communism, they're not industrialized, and they're not developed." Realistically, Countries do not begin poor, but something happens to them, and something also keeps them that way. That'something' is colonization.

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Colonization is the reason why many countries around the world, particularly in Latin America, are in an extreme state of destitution. Indigent countries of Latin America are due to Colonization in early history, the effects of colonization that are still intact today, and the U.S helping to maintain these effects. Colonization dates back to thousands of years ago, when the powerful Indigenous tribe, the Aztec, existed. They proved not to be strong enough for the gold thirsty Spanish explorers.

Led by Herdendaz Cortez, the Spanish troupes traveled to Mexico and captured the Aztec King and seized all of it's gold. Then they killed off the rest of the Indians in the most horrible manner. To the Spanish, killing indigenous was a game.

They launched babies in the air and shot them like targets.Others were gruesomely tortured with special tools. Those who survived were captured and used as slave labor. Many Priests from Spain and Portugal traveled to Mexico and created "missions" for the indigenous. These missions tried to violently force religion and western culture onto them. Why tamper with their way of life, when they had already established a religion and cultures of their own? The Spanish justified the mass murders of indigenous by saying "They are creatures of the jungles, not human.

" They had no weapons or ways to fight back so they were eventually killed. Mass murders of indigenous …


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