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During the end of the 16th century England desired more and needed to broaden its horizons.

Despite England'sfirst colony in North America, the "Lost Colony", another colony was to be started just off the Chesapeake Bay. England's search for treasure, rival to compete with the success of Spain and Portugal, and desire to spread the Protestant religion all became major factors that contributed to English colonialism in North America. The search for valued treasures was a major reason for English colonialism in America. Inspired by the success of Spanish explorers who had found gold in South America, many colonists left England in search of gold.

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With this in mind, the company financing this venture sent jewelers, goldsmiths, and aristocrats but not a single farmer. Upon reaching America they decided to trade with the Powhatan tribe for food, rather that grow it, and spend most of their time in the search for gold. Despite all the excitement, no gold was found near the Jamestown establishment. Tobacco became a major treasure for the colonists although they hadn't heard of it until they reached America. It was called "brown gold" by the colonists because it was really the only treasure they found in America. Even though gold was a major factor for colonists, the spread of the Protestantism was also very important to England.

The battle between Catholics and Protestants went on for decades in England until Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1558 and Protestantism became dominant. A rivalry started when Catholic Ireland sought help from Catholic Spain to clear the queen of her strong beliefs in the Protestant religion. The queen highly supported colonialism in North America in hope that Protestantism would spread widely across the continent.

Along with the spread of Protestantism, the rival with Spain and Portugal was also a major factor for English colonialism. England had many things to do t…


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