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Throughout American history there have been many ups and downs, especially in the beginning.

When different groups from different parts of the world come together you are going to have conflicts no matter what the situation is.In the case of the American colonists revolting against Great Britain I feel that the American colonist had every right to be angry and wage war.The colonists were treated unfairly and they helped out in changing they way America was and they way it is today. In the beginning Great Britain wanted to tax the American colonist on top of what they had already were being taxed by the local governments.The American colonists did not feel that this was fair and did not want to pay the taxes.

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I agree with the colonists.There is no reason that they should be taxed twice for the same thing.I do realize that Great Britain was in debt a lot of money from coming to America and helping out to start the New World. I do not feel that they were wrong for what they were trying to do but it was not fair and they could have come up with other solutions. The revolt changed the country economically in many ways.

First, the revolt had a huge affect on what was taxed and what was not taxed.I feel that it was appropriate for things to be taxed.With out taxation things can not be paid for to help the economy and help out in fixing things and paying government officials.I can not take the side of the colonist or Great Britain.

I feel that they Britain had good intentions and the colonist were just upset because of all the taxation taking place at one time. The different taxes such as the tea tax, the stamp act, and other taxes were brilliant ideas in my mind to take care of the debt and for numerous other things.It is not possible for the government to have any authority without it.

I feel that the revolt after it was all over brought many people together and helped to change the way peop…


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