Coloniel settlement In Virginia

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Long ago, in the beggining… People came to North America via a land bridge alled the
Bering Strait. The people who ventured over became accustomed to the enviroment and began to
spread throughout the entire North American contient. They had many decades to grow,
prosper, and to establish themselves permanently. As they continued to evolve, the inhabitants
of the Eurpoean contienent also evolved.
Soon curiosity set in and the more advanced culture of the European contient began to
explore and search for other, new, unknown things that they could possibly benefit from.
The British would set out to travel and explore new areas and when they would finda new
area they would make a settlement. The Virginia settlement was based on the rumors of
treasure and jewls to be discoverd and profited from. Hearing this men would travel to
search for the lustrious wonders all the while more and more people began to come to the North
While more and more people began to crowd the coast lines using up every available piece
of land. They couldn’t help but spread inwards toward the interior of the contienent. While
they spread inwards they couldn’t help but interact with the Native American inhabitants.
While most contact with one another was docile and friendly others were not. Some fights
and battles would occur over land that was prime for settlement. Also some battles and
arguements would occur over who owned what land. Soon land became scarce enough that
the English settlers began to settle in French territory depite the fact that it was highly
Some settlers came to the Shenandoah Valley to live because of it’s resources and prime
location. Others were either provided land sent here by the Viginia Council or they came here
by choice. In the beggining of the Shenandoah Valley Settlement the two major land owners


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