The perished in Congo’sfight for independence.All of

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The new found independence of Congo caused a downward spiral for this inexperiencedcountry.After years of being colonized by countries other than itsown, Congo finally gained independence on August 15th from France and became the Republic of Congo.Instead of moving into a century of growth, The Congo seemed to regress after its independence in 1960. The Congo regressed in several ways.

All of these ways attributed to the stagnation of The Congo.The Economy of the Congo began to fail shortly after June 30th, 1960.My sources tell me that the “GNP of Congonearly halved itself weeks after independence.” This is because all of the workers became pre-occupied and involved in doing other things.As a way to express their anger, the working class ofCongo, decided to join rebel armies and raid the Belgians. Some decided to stop working all together to protect themselves.A drastic amount of workers and work perished in Congo'sfight for independence.

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All of these reasons made the economy of Congo decline dramatically. The Government of the Congo was also in a bind.Faced with a great deal problems around this time.

Beginning with Lumumba’s frustration with the United Nations;s indecision in regards to his plea to restore the power to the central government. Lumumba appealed to the Soviet Union.Shortly after doing so he was then overthrown and assassinated, leaving a leaderless country at the brink of destruction. Several leaders tried to fill his shoes, but no one could.A totally new central government had to be formed, and while this was going on the country was falling apart.

This government took around 4 years to come to exist. Before the independence the Congolese enjoyed a formed government and years of experience. The Military was also far worse after Congo was declared independent ..



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