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The idea of colonialism has been marked through the history of modern Europe. The Industrial Revolution made sea travel more easier so people were able to travel further.The desire for power led to the desire for land.The more land a country had the more power and influence.The idea of trade was very influential in the progression of imperialism and colonialism. New markets were always needed so the possibility of many people to buy their products was attractive.

All these and the love of adventure made the three areas irresistible.The terms colonialism and imperialism are sometimes used interchangeably, but scholars usually distinguish between the two, reserving colonialism for instances where one country assumes political control over another and using imperialism more broadly to refer to political or economic control exercised either formally or informally.European colonialism had a similar impact on South Asia, Africa, and North America in that it changed the regions' infrastructures, social systems, and their process of choosing an appropriate ruling body. European colonialism affected the regions of South Asia, Africa, and the Americas in that it changed their infrastructures. Before the Europeans came, these three underdeveloped areas had primitive technology and infrastructure.The people of these regions used dirt roads to travel and bows and arrows to fight.

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The nations of the west introduced and built roads, canals, and railways in Africa to allow for faster transportation. The Europeans also introduced the telegraph, which ran from Egypt to South Africa, to make communications in Africa easier.Africa became a modern culture after this advancement of technology had occurred.Some colonial governments also introduced improved medical care through the building of hospitals, and better methods of sanitation.There were new crops, tools, and farming methods which helped increase food production.

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