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Colonial Rhode Island's communities', a group of people in an area with a common goal, beliefs were surprisingly common to the beliefs of my culture of Omaha. Including are religious beliefs And the government beliefs.

The cultural diffusion, bringing one culture into another, between the Natives and Colonists was amazing.You can't be ethnocentric, viewing another's culture by ones standards, when viewing the beliefs. The Baptist church formed in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1639.

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Quakers merged with the Antinomians, the natives, and established a meeting house in 1657. This soon became a powerful force in the colony’s ethical life. A Jewish Church, a religious group, was established in Newport in 1658. Puritans, very religious people, were also there setting up places for them to go.

Rhode Island;s religious belief was very much like Omaha;s today, which is that anyone can have any religion they want without being punished. The Puritans believed in hard work, and they worked every day and never took it easy, these people made Rhode Island very productive. The Lower class, a person with a low social status, was the hardest working. Social loafing, when one slacks off in a group, was not accepted at all, this is somewhat the same in Omaha.

They were most productive in the industries of trading, shipping, lumbering, and fishing. Omaha is most productive in manufacturing, financial, and consumer goods.Fishing was one of the biggest industries in Rhode Island, one out of every seven men took place in fishing. In Omaha fishing is not a big source of income because there is not a big water body by Omaha. Rhode Island did use money, Rhode Island was thefirst to use and introduce the five dollar bill that is much like the one used in Omaha today. Rhode Island’s government was very much like ours today.

For an amount of years it shared two capitols, Newport and Providence. There was a chief state offic…


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