The fervent for their religion and making sure

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The story of Puritan New England, of course, begins in England.

Good ole' Henry VIII wanted a son to carry on his legacy, only his wife was unable to give him a boy. Instead she had 6 girls, which was not suitable for Henry.So, he split all of England from the Roman Catholic Church and called it the Church of England or the Anglican Church.By doing this, he became the head of the church and this meant he was able to do whatever he pleased.Such as, divorcing his wife in order to try with a new one for a baby boy.

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To some, the Church of England was too much like the Roman Catholic Church and so the decided to try and “purify” it, hence the name Puritans. These Puritans decided to just get away from all of the nonsense in England and begin their own new life in America.They ended up settling in present day Massachusetts, which was very cold and harsh, but fit these people very well.Puritans were very tough and hard.They were fervent for their religion and making sure it stuck in their new home.

At times these people could even be considered cold, the way that they made their children grow up fast and with as little love as possible. When they came to America, they had full intentions of settling the New World, but also to make sure everyone there acted accordingly.If you were going to live amongst them you had to act like they did and if you did not you were cast out of their Puritan society and usually called a witch.They begantheir cycle of life in the family.

Families were very close and not too much was done outside of the family.The father was the boss and he took care of the finances and physical warfare.While the mother did just about everything else in the house.She cooked, baked, sewed, cleaned, educated the children and made sure the servants were doing as they were told.The job of the children was to do as their parents told them and do it perfectly.If they were to do the wrong thi.



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