Colonial Expansion of Western Civilization

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From the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century, Western nations including;
Germany, Great Britian, France, and Italy, enrolled in a remarkably fierce period of
imperial expansion.From the sixteenth to the eighteen centuries, there has been a on
going fight for control over the new world.There are a several factors that contributed to
the crave colonial expansion. One very imporant factor was the need to spread economic
influence.Also, other countries believe that this was their nation's last chance to gain
any control and enlarge and of their empires.It was almost like a national competition
among countries to see who could aquire the most territories because if they didn't then
someone else would. Lastly, was the need to sway public opinion.Before the late
eighteenth century, the opinion of the public was rarely considered, but when it came to
colonial expansion, everyone is affected…positively or negatively.
According to Friedrich Fabri's Bedarf Deutschland der Kolonien in 1879, the
German nation is more than capable of expanding it's colonies and pave the way of a new
course. He believes that Germany is financially and economically inclined, intensely
appropriate for being a cultivated country, and could provide plentiful number of workers
to do so.He feels it will be beneficial to the economic situation and to the entire national
development for that matter.Fabri also states that Germany has such a political and
historical power and he feels that new nations are made bitter amongst eachother and he
appeals to the public by letting the German people think that by colonizing, this will bring
the nations and the people together as one and this could create a "liberating effect"
The letter form John G. Paton to James Service Urging British Possession of the
New Hebrides in 1883, also states his opinion to why the British should expand to …


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