Colonialism ruled, thus making themselves look more

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Colonialism is one of the possible outcomes of imperialism, which in turn is the process of establishing a relationship, formal or informal, in which one state controls the effective political sovereignty of another political society. This relationship can be achieved by force, by political collaboration, by economic, social or cultural dependence. To be more precise colonialism is the rule of a region by an external sovereign power. One could say that Imperialism is a domination and subjection of the people that the country is colonizing essentially.

Colonialism essentially is the settling of a foreign land and creating a colony, they see the land; they take through force (Military) and colonize it by bringing in colonists to settle the land.Some of the reasons for colonialism and to why it happened was because of natural resources this being the biggest reason why, as well for the cheap labor it could provide through the indigenous population, and for its location. To when the Brit’s went into India and dominated it this was Imperialism Thus it was also Colonialism.The Brits went in and scared and influenced the indigenous people, they did this so that the natives could establish a system of government much alike they’re own and rule the country much the same way that the Brits ruled, thus making themselves look more superior.When the British were picking and then setting up they’re colony they had no idea what they were walking into with this country, in colonizing though you want this because of geographical location and strategically placing.While the Brits were in India they created an army of indigenous people ruled by British officers.

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To achieve a more self-sufficient ruling they sent native officers to Strasburg military college to be trained and come back westernized officers. The British would bring in “aliens” (foreigners) for the labor that was needed for the colony.The British believed that they w…


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