First, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Ghana. ;Contested settlement colonies

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First, I’d like to say that there are tree types of colonies: colonies of settlement, Colonies of Exploitation and contested settlement colonies.

In this Project I will hopefully try to explain all of them and go trough some history. When Citizens of the colonizing country moved to and took complete control in the new area, these type colonies cam to light. The term also means that the colonizing country culture replaces the original culture and new crops and animals dominate over the new land. Unfortunately (again), settlers often excluded the native inhabitants from their society or brutally killed them -just for existing in “their” colony.

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But the settlers also brought diseases and plagues to the poor natives which they couldn’t handle (their immune system was only optimised for their own environment and they weren’t ready for this). For an example of this, we can look overseas and a couple of hundred years ago, in America, were thousands of “Indians” died because of the white mans garbage. Colonies of Settlement is often located in the same climates as the European countries. Colonies of Exploitation were different from colonies of settlement.

Colonies of exploitation was more economy-based rather than taking land for settlement. The settlers often pushed the native population in the country to produce valuable crops such as spice, cotton, rubber and other precious export articles. We can find examples of this in Indonesia, Nigeria, and Ghana. ;Contested settlement colonies (when natives resists) Contested settlement colonies were atfirst “kinder” versions of colonies of settlement, because the settlers developed their own track. Settlers did not replace the natives’ culture, language or government, they founded their own independent of the natives. But politically the settlers ruled over the natives. The natives lived pretty good, they had much control over their lives, although their politically was..



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