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In writing a college level essay, you must make sure that you first understand the topic that you are writing about. After you pick a topic that you are comfortable writing about, you have to research the topic thoroughly and most importantly know the definition of what you are writing about. Without doing those two steps, you cannot start a college level paper. After doing this, you must write a thesis opening up your essay with important facts that can get your readers attention and keep your readers attention. Without grabbing their attention, or grabbing their attention then loyou needThe term “Definition” means to define something.

When you look up, or research the definition of the term, that leads the person reading to believe the essay will make a topic clear or will give meaning to a topic. There are four different types of essays that can be used as a definition essay, which are Evaluation, Classification, Analysis and Comparison. The topic is defined to the audience in a definition essay. Generally, the topic should be written in simple terms so the audience can understand. In my week three and four assignments, there are not any terms that I need to be defined.All of the terms that I used in these two assignments, and that I usually use whenever writing a paper, I know their definition, or I do not use it. When I write a paper I need to know what each word means, or I will not use it. If I was to write a definition paragraph or essay I would select a term or a topic, then I would think about different definitions for the word and ask what it means.

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I would research the world and look it up in a dictionary and a thesaurus , along with what I know about it, or any short stories about the definition.My final essay I am in the process of writing though, does not need to be defined. All of my paragraphs in my essay are defined, and well understood. Also, the paragraphs are very easy for all of my readers to read and understand. They will not need to ask what any words mean because I think that is not being professional if you write a paper with a bunch of words that your readers do not know. If your reader needs to take their time out to define and research something you put into your essay, I do not find that professional either. Although I will not be using definition paragraphs in my essay, I will be sing Compare and contrast in mine.

This type of essay is a popular type of essay. In this type of essay you follow a specific topic and you can write this essay in several different ways. While writing this essay, you must remember structure. I have seen a lot of great essays fail and not be so wonderful because of bad structure. I would open my introduction essay more than likely with a quote, anecdote, or generalization which from there leads me into my thesis statement.I now write two separate topic paragraphs then continue to write a paragraph with topic 1 and 2 put together, and lastly my conclusion. I am going to use this type of essay for a few reasons.

First of all, I am trying to prove a very important point in my essay. The point of this writing is to persuade my readers into reading my entire paper and hopefully changing their mind about wanting to buy an apartment/house instead of renting. I firmly believe that renting is a much better idea than buying, in this economy.


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