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Ibrahim Payne FYE Oct. 31, 2011 College Graduate Interview Demetria Living is a Biology teacher at a High school in Florida. Before she moved to Florida she was a substitute teacher at my middle school back in Texas.

She attended Lamar University because it was close to home, it offered her Major, she didn’t have to pay much to attend the school, and most of her friends were going to attend the same school. Mrs. Living was a Biology major, with a minor in chemistry. She graduated in 1992, and started teaching. To get her degree she had to complete a total of 11 biology courses, as well as 8 auxiliary science courses.

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Out of all the courses, her first year of World History was her most challenging course. She said that she was never really good at history in high school, and it didn’t change for college. Mrs.

Living’s least challenging course was Spanish, because it came so easy to her. Even though she was good at Spanish it wasn’t something she wanted to teach for the rest of her life. But her favorite courses were Microbiology and Ceramics. In microbiology she loved the labs they would always do, and it was something she was very interested in. Mrs.

Living said that she always felt comfortable in the class; because she knew she would have no problem understanding everything. She took ceramics because she also likes to work with her hands. She would make gifts for her family and friends, and wouldn’t have to go out and think of something to get them. Her least favorite courses were World History and English. Mrs. Living told me that she developed a hate for history; it was here worst enemy in college.

It was the only class she failed and had to take the course again. She eventually started to take the class a little more seriously, because she didn’t like to fail. Mrs.Living wasn’t a big fan of English, because she didn’t like writing. But she knew that she had to have some writing skills if she was going to be a teacher. She had to do plenty of research papers for biology, so she sucked it up and just did the best she could.

Mrs. Living always wanted to be a teacher and couldn’t think of anything that would be better than teaching. She loved kids, so she would tutor the kids that went to the local public schools. She joined a program called The Teacher’s Helper, and during her free time she would walk to the middle school, a mile away from the college, and help the science teacher there.She would grade papers, or help the kids that were having trouble understanding something. She also tutored some of her classmates on the weekends for money.

Mrs. Living didn’t really balance out her social life and academics to start off college. She partied most of her first semester there and that’s when she failed her World History class. Then she decided that she was done partying, because it wasn’t doing anything but hurting her grades. She said without her college education she wouldn’t be doing the job that she loves.

By graduating college, she made herself a better person. Mrs.Living stated that she has grown socially and she’s more intelligent. When I asked her for advice for a freshman in college, she said “don’t get caught up in what the crowd is doing; if your friends are always parting, that doesn’t mean you have to do as they do. Be your own man”.

Mrs. Living really inspired me to do better when I was in middle school. She continues to do the same as I was talking to her.

She knows me very well, and she also taught my two older sisters. She’s a humble person, but she can be very stern when she needs to be. I Think Mrs. Living is the type of person that strives to do better, and I feel that I am the same way.


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