Social differing opinions arise the question, should crisis

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Social 30 Essay: How Should Crisis Situations be Resolved? For as long as there have been people roaming the earth there have been crisis situations, whether the crisis situations be an environmental crisis, such as an earthquake or severe drought, or a crisis brought from war between people. From this presence of disastrous circumstances there has always been an ever presence need to resolve the predicament and to help those affected. Over the centuries and generations, there have been many different ideas to how catastrophe situations should be dealt with and who should help, and we have tried to perfect our dealings with crisis dilemmas and to even prevent crises yet the perfect approach eludes us even today.

Many think that everyone should put their trust into the great power nations and their individual actions to come to the rescue and solve the calamity situation while others believe that in tragedy and warring situations it would be best if the international community would join together to form alliances or collective efforts to solve the problem. From these differing opinions arise the question, should crisis situations be resolved by the individual actions of great power nations? The model answer is no, but in reality, nations should do whatever is needed to solve a crisis, whether that be working as a collective unit or having one great power nation act alone. Ideally, in the face of a crisis, the world community would unite against the common aggressor, attack and prevail against it, but this is not an ideal world and might never be. The world is not mature enough yet to deal with crises in this manner yet. The global community has put up valiant efforts trying to solve tribulations with collective efforts and organizations but what they're still trying to work out is the fact that this plan of attack is hardly effective unless every country is willing to meet the terms of the agreement and follows through wit.

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