The propaganda of two battling super powers.The two

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The Cold War never presented any real threat on America.It was nothing more than the propaganda of two battling super powers.The two super powers involved in the Cold War were The United States of America and The Soviet Union.The two countries were constantly battling over who is the most powerful on the planet.The supposed threats were mere techniques of propaganda used to scare the other countries public into believing they were more powerful.

Over and over again the U.S would flex it's muscles and then The Soviet Union would flex it's muscles until eventually one country couldn't.The Cold War lasted a very long time and it was fought through battles such as the Korean War and Vietnam.Each battle split the country and the U.S would take a side and The Soviet Union would take a side and they would use the country as a battle ground.This was the only actual fighting that occurred.The Cuban missile crisis was an important event that took place during the cold war.

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In the Cuban missile crisis, America was fearing that The Soviet Union had certain missile instalations in Cuba . The U.S found out about these missile installments from satellite imagery that showed the missiles being transported to Cuba and show the missile sites inside Cuba. “With Castro’s approval, the Soviet Union began building secret missile bases in Cuba. On October 16, President Kennedy was shown photographs of the missile installations in Cuba.

” (Rawnsley, 7) On the surface one would get scared by something like this and that is exactly what The Soviet Union wanted to happen.The whole Cold war was propaganda so by scaring the U.S into thinking they had missiles in Cuba gave them the edge on the war.If The Soviet Union wanted to bomb the U.S they could have easily snuck the missiles in and hidden them.

They knew about the satellites and purposely exposed the missiles. “A naval blockade was imposedosed on Cuba to stop the cons…


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