The war.So they put together a project named

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The Cold War is not just one single war taking place in one area, but a large conflict between the United States and its allies and the Soviet Union (USSR) and its allies.In this report, I am going to tell you about the happenings of the Cold War between the period of time of 1945 to 1957. The things that were happening around the time that the Cold War began were very important to the U.S.First of all, Hitler had been in power for a while now but his reign was now coming to an end.By July 1944, the German military was desperate to stop loosing all of their forces to the Americans.

The tried assaionations on Hitler to end the war and leave with what they had left.Hitler escaped a bomb explosion and had only a few small injuries.He then had most of the people who did it executed, and used them as an example not to betray him.He then insisted that all the Germans that still remained should fight to the death.

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Shortly thereafter in April 1945, Hitler accused Nazi generals of trying to negotiate with their enemies, and had most of them arrested.Barely 10 days later, Hitler married his mistress, Eva Braun, on April 29th, 1945.The very next day on Hitler's honeymoon, he and his wife committed suicide together, and ordered that their bodies be burned."Hitler's legacy is the memory of the most dreadful tyranny of modern times.

"1 At this time the Americans were at war with the Japanese and desperately needed a way to put an end to the war.So they put together a project named the Manhattan Project to produce some sort of super weapon to destroy the Japanese, or "Japs" which is what the army called them.The Manhattan project had been around for a while when the war was just starting.A physicist in Germany at the time named Albert Einstein, had discovered that the fission of Uranium can produce an explosive amount of energy.He warned the President at the time, which was preside.



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