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On April 4th 1949 a Military Alliance between the Capitalist Nations of the West was formed known as the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO’s primary purpose was to unify and strengthen the western Allies’ military response to a possible attack on any nation in the Northern Atlantic. The Nations involved in NATO at the time of founding included the United States, Great Britain, and France among others and later on the inclusion of West Germany. September of 1949 marked a keystone in the expansion of communism when China fell, the United States saw this as an example of the worldwide spread of communism. At the same time, the USSR successfully detonates a nuclear weapon, marking a milestone in the arms race of the cold war and the end of an American monopoly of nuclear weapons. In June of 1950 another conflict became apparent, with a war between the aggressive Communist North Korea and the somewhat Democratic South Korea which resulted in an estimated 4 Million Casualties.

The United Nations with the United States as the primary participant, joined the war when a resolution was passed at the Security Council while the USSR were boycotting the Council and unable to veto it. The United Nations joined the war on the side of the South Koreans, with Communist China eventually coming to Aid of North Korea. After huge losses the war ended inconclusively in July 1953. This war established a trend of United States intervention when contained communist expansion as their foreign policy now dictated. 1950 also marked the change of leadership in the United States with the election of Dwight D.

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Eisenhower, and the United States successfully explodes a Hydrogen bomb, a hugely more destructive weapon. Nine months later the USSR develop their own H-Bomb…



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