Cold War Events

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AIM: What Events Occurred During the Cold War from 1956-1960s?
– England had control over area in middle east post war.
– Zionist movement (establishment of Jewish state) began to take form (Theodore Herzl 1897)
– 1917 Belfour Decloration favored Jewish state in Palestine huge immigration from 1917-1939
– Arabs and Jews in area begin conflict over land (sacred)
– W.W. II and Holocaust pushed Jewish state
– 1947 United Nations Resolution- split the territory between Jew and Arab displacing many Palestinians.
– 1948 British officially pulled out of area and state of Israel formed David Ben-Gurion 1st Prime minister
Same time Arab Nations invade Israel
– 1949 Israel beat back invaders and Expand territory.City of Jerusalem
– Arab countries would not recognize the state.
Hungary – 1956 demonstrations for freedoms
– Street fighting erupted.New government starts
– Imre Nagy independence for Hungary.Neutral Hungary and out of Warsaw Pact
– Soviet troops put down Nagy, executed Janos Kadar premier
– Austria gained neutrality- Eastern Europe not allowed
Paris Conference 1960 Khrushchev Eisenhower "Peaceful Coexistence"
– Soviets hit technological superiority "Sputnik"
– Limiting testing nuclear weapons and recognition of Eastern Germany
– Soviets shot down American U-2 plane, reconnaissance American knew of mission no apology
– Soviets 1. No protest till shot down plane
2. Hope west would split over Germany
3. Communist would split between Soviets and China
– This demonstration Soviets hard line position
– Berlin key point for East to escape to West
– Built a concrete wall along boarder of East and West
– Check points made to enter and exit zones
– 1963 Kennedy "Ich bin Berliner" Ian a Berliner
– 1989 down "Check Point Charlie"


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