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In the Cold War, many leaders and conflicts that occurred in the war played the Game of international brinkmanship.The main purpose was to get the opponent intimidated because one wanted to dominant between Industrial Capitalism and Communism, which the Americans wanted to band.Threats with nuclear weapons and riots by millions were put into play. Many good examples of this were the leaders of the period throughout the Cold War. Brinksmanship between Gorbachev and Reagan was a good example.

The Soviet Union was stages of collapse and Gorbachev knew it, he worked to come to better terms with America and President Reagan has acknowledge that even though he saw no good of Gorbachev.Gorbachev's regime was primarily to decompose the oppressive Soviet Union.With his to initiatives, the glasnost and perestroika, he gave more freedom to the Russians and permitted Capitalism.

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Glasnost meant the dismantling of many of the repressive mechanisms that had been among the most conspicuous features of Soviets life, and perestroika was reform in the Soviet's lives. Gorbachev decreased his foreign powers in East Europe as well. Gorbachev met with Reagan to lessen nuclear arms; however the result was a treaty that would take out all nuclear weapons. Gorbachev other decision was the cease of Afghanistan assaults.Their brinksmanship movement had took things from one point and created a better situation. The brinksmanship between Kennedy and Khrushchev was the worsening and bettering of the situation.The Berlin Wall was built by the Soviet Union to stop the exodus that desired to move to the West of German.Tension had risen and culminated in the most dangerous and dramatic crisis of the Cold War.

America intelligence agencies became aware of Soviet construction of nuclear weapons site with the help of aerial reconnaissance photos.That was an inexpensive way to counter the presence of American missiles in Turkey and to better …


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