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The Cold War was the term used to describe the intense rivalry that developedafter World War II betweengroups of Communist and non Communist nations. It was called the cold war because it did not reallyresult in fighting. According to the article on thecold warin the World Book 2000 encyclopedia, on compact disc, the cold war beganat the end of the second world war. It was symbolized bymutual distrustsuspicion and misunderstandingby theUnited States , the Soviet Union and theirallies . At these instances theseconditionsincreased the chances of a third world war.

The Soviet Union wasaccused of attempting to diffuse communism throughout the world by united states . The soviets in turn a accused the United States withpracticing imperialism and also trying to stop revolutionary activity in other countries the Sovietsalsoaccused the united statesand othercapitalist allies of the west of attempting to en circle the soviet unionso that they could eventually over throw it's communist for of government it is with this accusation that two great blocs came into beingthe united states ledthe western bloc it included by the early 1950's Britain, Canada, France, West Germany, Japan, The Philippinesand many other countries ofWestern Europe andLatin America. The soviet union led the eastern bloc , which includedAlbania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia,East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania . Following the communist take overof its government in 1949 , China joined the eastern bloc.

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Nations who were impartial and were not included in either bloc included India, Indonesia Cambodia and most of the African states. Thiswas just the beginning. It is interesting that the east and west blocs both remained united amongst themselves . Theychallenged each other and their polices ,accusing them of betrayal. Eventhough they chose to join such blocs. It is.



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