– Zhedong and the peoples or red army

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– An ideological conflict between capitalist democracies and communist Dictatorships – Fought by Spheres of influence, space race, culture and athletic competitions, arms race (deterrence), Propaganda, Proxy Wars (others fight your wars for you) – Truman Doctrine – 3 Aspects: Political, Economical, Military (Nato, Nuclear Defense). – The doctrine put forward by George F.

Kennan and adopted by the USA in March 1947 as the basis for its policy towards the USSR during the Cold War. It involved providing assistance to any government threatened by “Communist Expansionism”. – 1947-1960's, several independence movements occur in former colonies of the Europeans powers: nationalist groups self-determination: Egypt, Indochina (Vietnam), India.In certain areas, civil wars broke out between rival groups aiming to assume the government (example: China).Where imperial powers wont let go, guerrilla warfare effectively chases away the imperialists (example: Vietnam, Israel) – New Clients for spheres of influence, Super Powers offer newly independent states: Economic Aid, Arm Sales, Military Training – Several new states see spheres of influence as imperialism.They choose non-alignment, that is they refuse to choose sides (example: Egypt had accepted financial help from the USA and gun exports from the Czechoslovakia). – Economic Aid Leads to heavy dept load as newly independent states and other third world states borrow heavily.

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Unrealistic expectations for repayment: China, Israel and the Middle East, Vietnam – An example of civil war in these cases would be China: Mao Zhedong and the peoples or red army against Kuomintang and the Nationalist Ching Kai-Shack – 1917: Belfour Declaration, British Support for a Jewish State, Zionist Movement (Mission) – 1947: United Nations Partition and create Israel (Hom…


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