President Cold War fears of the American

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President Dwight D. Eisenhower successfully addressed the Cold War fears of the American people. He helped calm the hysteria down that was sweeping the nation. He helped put government spending back where it belongs. Also he found ways to connect everyone to make the people feel safer. However before he could do that he needed to calm the nation and gain their trust.

During this time there was too much hysteria. People were fearing depression and the loss of their jobs. (Doc A) Also there was a fear of communism taking over states, which could endanger the "free World.

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" (Doc B) President Eisenhower told the people he sees and understand their fears, and do what he needs to as a leader to help them. However he needed to start by fixing government spending. From 1951-1959 over half of government spending was being spent on Defense. (Doc H) Defense, such as missile programs, rather than spending it on civilian services, school construction, and welfare programs. (Doc F) Throughout his term he was able to slowly decrease spending on defense about every year. He was able to put the money towards plans to make the people feel safer.

With the scare of nuclear attacks on the country, people would do anything to protect themselves. Many were building bomb shelters underground. (Doc C) Eisenhower set up a National System of Interstate and Defense Highways to connect 209 major cities. (Doc D) By doing this he was able to connect major defense areas. With this he was able to help to address the fears of the people and make them feel safer. When in a time of war every country needs a leader who will be able to lead us out of the war.

One who will ease our fears, financially support us, and also protect us. President Eisenhower did all this while in the white house. Although it was a war that a shot was never fired we still feared our enemies. Duri…


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