From the competition of the two most diverse

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From the year 1968 to the present there were many events which either traumatized the world or provided a stepping stone for the different areas of success. Technology vastly affected and promoted the competition of the two most diverse systems in the world. Better known as the cold war, the competition between democratic systems and communist systems was fueled by technology.

Because of the way technology had manipulated the world, both systems' leaders knew that the power to control lies with the newest technology. Hence the consolidation of "technology- based" methods during the cold war era was the origin of every major dilemma our world has faced since; therefore I believe the cold war phase was the most important phase that has occurred in our century. Roy Medvedev a Russian dissident acknowledged the power of technology by stating" The technology of repression has become more refined in recent years. Before, repression always went much further than necessary. Stalin killed millions of people when arresting 1,000 would have enabled him to control the people. Our leaders..

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. found out eventually that you don't have to put people in prison or in a psychiatric hospital to silence them. There are other ways."(1062).

The fall of communist system was inevitable as it was clear that each new reform was as useless as the last. The iron curtain burned with a distinct fury of the people, and in it's place rose democratic systems which enabled the people to alienate the communist leaders (the elite) forever from their previous dictatorship -like positions within the party. The origin of these Russian revolutions could be traced back to the grief of the people during the Stalinist era, where relentless violence was government policy.But it was the reforms of Mickail Gorbachev (Glastnost and perestrioka) which served as a stepping stone for the ..



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